pr0n Witch-hunt Casualties

I sold a laptop to a Team Interrobang friend that had previously been used as a long-term loaner-top for the past three years.  I removed most of the applications except Office and went through my normal laptop cleaning routine before shipping it out.

Yesterday, I received a Facebook message that the receiver’s girlfriend had found porn and in the process of frantically removing it broke the sound card.  I consider this equivalent to vacuuming your car so hard the stereo breaks.  I picture the person finding porn, deleting it all, seeing the thumbs.db file and deleting every folder containing on through guilt by association a la  “Hm…. the System32 folder had a thumbs.db file in it as did all these folders I’ve never heard of full of .reg files.  They must be up to no good.”

Then the bug of curiosity hit and I asked him what the “content” was.  His response narrowed the window of download based on popularity, site watermark, and performers to probably summer 2007.  And thus the field of forensic pornography is born.