Bug Light

Three years ago I replaced the incandescent 150 watt bulbs in my office with 150 watt-equivalent fluorescent bulbs and hated the light. I replaced them later with “natural light” bulbs that transmit a broader spectrum than your standard CFL and could blind you at 100 yards as you drove up the driveway. Today, my father replaced our dead floodlight with a bulb of a similar spectrum and it’s changed the house. Everything in our driveway looks really small as the light looks like it’s coming from a desk lamp. Bugs don’t circle it probably because they’ve been blinded by its full spectrum. Even our dog Max is slightly confused. We’ll let him out and he’ll look around tentatively before tinkling probably thinking he’s still inside, missing the forceful yellow of the sodium vapor bulb. He’ll adjust eventually, and probably take dump on the green carpet of my room. Life goes on.