Adventures in Eating – Vol. 5

A byproduct of having people hunt on your property is the unavoidable gift basket of dear parts that appear sporadically in the freezer. I’d whittled away at the chuck roast, the ground various and the burger through the cooking axiom of “that which should not be identified can not be identified in chili” but this paper-wrapped timebomb would not go so quietly. So, I salted it, rubbed it with Mrs. Dash and roasted it over low heat until the core hit 160°F. It tasted… of meat. Dave said it reminded him of lamb, although I think he used the term “reminded” like one sees a piece of toast that “reminds” the observer of the Virgin Mary.

Next time I’m going to go with the newest entrant to my culinary toolbox: Add 1 cup chicken broth, 1 can mushroom soup, and 1 packet of any Lipton Cup-a-Soup. Later I discovered that “venison roast” is butcher code for “deer neck”. I wonder what type of soup best goes with neck.