Donut Derby

Marketing’s recent return to our office clime has resulted in some odd collisions.  As a thank you to engineering, they left out donut holes for us assumably the night before as I saw no marketing folk in when I arrived at 5 AM.  There was a box on each photo copier and the coffee area and each of my passes about those areas netted two more donut holes, a habit some other early risers also picked up.  When the first marketing person did arrive the donut holes were largely gone and consolidated into one box that I wound up finishing the next day as no one wanted to take the last one,  despite having no qualms with consuming this lone survivor’s numerous kin.

I briefly convinced myself I’d not consumed in excess until I calculated that each box would have had to have been about 1/4 mile away from each other to create sufficient calorie expenditure to equilibrate input with output.  At least if I stuck to the two furthest boxes I could be fine within an order of magnitude.  That’s good enough in many sciences, I hope nutrition’s one of them.