Going Off Early

I downloaded StickWars for my iPhone, a game where one flicks away stick figures attacking one’s castle walls.  New enemies appear over time and new countermeasures can be bought and I kept having problem with my suicide bombers.  Normally, one hits the little bomb button and a little stick figure holding a bomb is launched from your castle which explodes killing all nearby units when one shakes the phone.  Mine kept blowing up early and I think I may have found the culprit:

When playing  brace the phone against my gut.  The action of me feverishly swiping away attackers sometimes hit a resonant frequency with my flub exaggerating the movement of the device until the phone interpreted this motion as me shaking the phone causing my bombers to explode.  Odd, normally my paunch is more of a shock absorber.  I wonder if this is why Steve Wozniak started exercising more.