Three-Legged Monopod

I’m a sharpness whore.  A hint of blur can destroy an otherwise fine picture and I refuse to shrink the photo to cover the movement so I sprung for a monopod to improve sharpness without having to use a tripod like a tool.  I entered the camera store and asked to see their collection of monopods.

Sales Associate: Why are you specifically going for a monopod?
Me: I’m doing some shooting at a zoo next weekend and wanted something I could deploy quickly that was small.
Sales Associate: Ok, yeah you really need mobility in a zoo.
*10 minutes of hot monopod testing porn*
Sales Associate: And finally, we have the Manfrotto 682B.
Me: What’s so special about it?
Sales Associate:   It’s a little heavier, and a little pricier, but I think you’ll like this feature *pulls out legs* it’s got three legs for added stability.

Wow… A three-legged monopod.  How did no one think of that before!  I wonder what they’ll think of next, maybe a three-wheeled bicycle.