Bug or Feature?

As part of the move, several “sytem improvements” have been spawned.  So far, I’ve noted the following:

  1. Outlook waits about 30 seconds after opening before prompting the operator for a password during which time one can send and receive emails, view calendars, and create appointments.
  2. McAfee no longer does background updates and includes such useful prompts as “would you like to update now? (If you click “NO” the update will occur in 30 seconds)” and a splash screen to tell you when the update’s complete that goes away automatically after infuriating you for 10 seconds pegged to the front of the desktop.
  3. All the web shortcuts on my desk now depict the logo for Netscape Navigator.
  4. Our desktops are now automatically backed up once a day but the initial backup will take me several days due to the amount of local data during which I’ve been getting “backup error!” messages that stop the backup and restart it.  All I need is one 96 hour day and everything’ll be fine.
  5. It also appears to take less personal information to reset my password after muffing it three times than it does to reset it with my full arsenal of personal information.