Toaster Abuse

Every morning where I arrive at work before 9:30 AM I get a breakfast sandwich.  I’m entering my 6th month of that as my sole order at the cafeteria to the point where my order has moved from a complete order statement to a rapid-fire command barely discernable as English to a grunt, to the cook asking “the usual?”, to a look/grunt response, to a nod.  Also, it appears that about 1/2 of my building subsides entirely on toast and even this some of the technically have trouble getting.  One woman gets toast every day and leaves the burner knob at a “2” on a 6-point scale and instead of cranking up the knob cycles the toaster four times.  It takes her more time to prepare toast than for me to a complete breakfast sandwich, drink, condiments, and breakfast potatoes.  The only reason I know this is that one day my order was misprepared and I had to wait for a new sandwich.  Despite doubling the prep time I still nearly beat the toaster abuser out of the cafeteria.