Lost and Dangerous

I was going back and forth between the R&D lab and the CAD room when I found a woman, walking dazed with two cupped hands full of broken glass.  It looked like her desk lamp broke as it was that green frosted glass.  She looked at me:

Her: Do you know where I put glass?
Me:  Yes….
Her: Ok, I’ll follow you.
Me: No.  You stay here, I’ll bring a container.

She stood there, stiff as a board, until I returned with a sharps container.  She deposited the glass and life returned to her face.  She thanked me and wandered away… I met her in a part of the build that is no where near the cubes like she’d broken her lamp and resolved herself to the life of the wandering hermit until she found a place to put it.  Would one not leave the broke glass in place, find a repository, and then dump it rather than walking around a building with hands full of broken glass?