Mandoline Works Too Well

My apple cake may be the most universally loved of my baked goods but dicing a pound of apples is tedious and the finer the piece the better the cake so I hit my now, rather dusty, mandoline.  I set the blade at about an 3/16ths with the 3/16ths grating teeth and went to town slowly rotating the apple to minimize piece size.  The pieces still seemed too thick so I lowered the blade incline and started again.  My arm got tired so I didn’t rotate nearly as often and on the 3rd apple I lost focus and felt the blade against finger.  No cut or anything but I shaved off several pieces of fingernail.  I didn’t want to expose either my family or work to pieces of my fingernail so I did the courageous thing and ate it all myself.  I’m delicious.

Stop reading if you’re easily grossed out: Maybe I should take some of the shavings from my PedEgg and sprinkle them into my cookies.