Free Hardware Caveat

I go through a lot of hardware from doing repairs for other people.  Frequently I’ll do a repair in exchange for the parts left over after an upgrade which has given me a smattering of RAM, small hard drives, a smattering of peripheral cards and enough cabling to safely repel El Capitan.  After a while I started jotting notes on sticky notes attached to the hardware to help sort through it and today was dumbfounded by one.  Someone had requested a hard drive and this was the conversation:

Him: Do you have a spare hard drive, mine died?
Me: Lemme see.   Yes, but there’s a note on it “HP NSFW”.  I can’t remember what it means.
Him: Well, do you think it’s safe?
Me: Maybe it was out a Hewlett-Packard mach…. oh, I remember.  I have a drive for you from someone whose system I upgraded but I need to warn you:  This drive may or not contain alarmingly hi-resolution slash fiction pictures of whom I’ve been told is a naked Daniel Radcliffe.
Him: Hm… one sec.  *Shouting*  Yeah, my girlfriend’s fine with that.