Cot-Tent Test

In anticipation of Canada I got a Cot-Tent.  Recently I’ve done poorly sleeping on very hard surfaces recently and I somewhat miss floors, so I opted for the cot tent.  I set it up in my room to make sure it would work and it proved suitable with one exception: My dog, Max, doesn’t know what to do about it.  Normally, he licks my face if he needs to go outside at night and this arrangement required some ingenuity from him.  He came into my room at about 4 AM as I was awakened by the door knob hitting the wall (his normal entrance theme).  He walked over to right next to the cot tent and stood still for a few seconds until he start poking nose into it looking for an opening.  He found the one at my feet which was open and went to the other side where my head was which was closed.  Losing no time his nose started lunging at the zipper opening until he separated the two zippers enough to get his nose in and wedge the flap over.  I thought I had pulled one over on him as during this process I’d rotated in place and now my feet were where my head was.  He now started licking my feet.  Dog logic: The head is at the opposite end of the feet, even if that’s where the feet are.