Robot Attack

I go out to lunch once a week with an engineer who does pretty well all the work involving sensors and today I told him about the difficulty I’d found with the work tech support and told him about the time someone at camp shoved a fork in a router.  He countered with the time his kids filled his car CD player with change thinking it was a candy machine, I one upped him with the time I added an EZ Bake oven to a computer a brought it to Best Buy.  He topped that as follows:

Him: So my buddy and I are working on this helper robot that follows people around with bricks.  He puts in a circuit board, starts it and this cap blows.  He makes the circuit again, I tell him it’s a bad idea and he turns it on.  The cap doesn’t blow, but the robot goes at him full tilt and pushes him through a plasterboard wall.

He may have won the story content, but we’ve all lost when the robot overlords shove all of humanity through a wall.