FLS Award

One of my recent venial sins is buying barrels of Hawaiian Punch Light from Walmart.  Today there was a Webelos Scout (Cub Scout of about the age of 9-10) selling popcorn (a perennial Scout fundraiser) outside of Walmart and he was a pinball.  Every person exiting was hit with “Hi, my name’s Chris and I’m selling popcorn”.  That was as far as I got before I gave him a 10 which is my regular tack with such kids but as I walked away I heard him repeat this intro at least a half dozen times being rejected in various ways with responses ranging from “no thank you” to “screw off” and he kept chugging.  I don’t even know if he knew why he was selling popcorn as he was more machine than child which inspired me to create a new award for Scouts: the FLS (fearless little shit) award.  This would go to the kids who sell raffle tickets in the rain at gas stations, vend popcorn in front of low-cost retailers, or do food drive pickups in Camden.  The name may need some tweaking.