Over-Engineered Failure

The Troop Leadership Training Seminar was fine. A bit better than mediocre but not quite “well”. It was raining, and windy, and cold, and we were outside. To teach EDGE, a skill training method, I normally have kids learn how to dodge gunfire but was unsure with the weather if running around in the rain would be appropriate. The kids were game so I ran the session outside. The final segment involved serpentining across a field yelling “I am going to live” and then rolling across a table. At one point, one kid fell, triggering other kids to fall, creating a six kid pile-up in a puddle with a camp staff member at the bottom to which one of the kids asked me:

Kid: Did you arrange this whole training so that there’d be a pile of kids with Tyler on the bottom in a puddle in the rain?
Me: If I were able to engineer it so that I’d propose an activity that I thought we shouldn’t do, have you overrule me, then have a precise pile-up resulting in a staff member being crushed, don’t you think I’d be doing something besides Scout training?
Kid: I thought you’d say that. I’m on to you…