Realities of Home Ownership

Compared to the rest of Lower Southampton Township I live in the middle of nowhere.  Halloween as a child involved renting a friend’s neighborhood and trying to avoid apples, Good ‘n’ Plentys, and Necco Wafers.  My brother purchased a house this past winter and he was excited to celebrate his first Halloween where he’d dispense rather than strictly gather candy.

I was over early in the evening to drop off some stuff but hung around to notice a trend.  He started off with a pirate hat on and demanded each kid say “Trick or Treat”.  He complained about the hat and stopped wearing it but still excitedly answered the door and demanded the candy pass phrase.  After another hour he’d simply hand the bowl of candy out the door and only demand “Trick or Treat” from kids over 12.  I didn’t stay long enough to see the candy dish left on his stoop with a white flag in it.

Who knew Halloween wasn’t a holiday but an endurance trial?