GPS Hiccup

While constantly cursing the limitations of the iPhone I do recognize that it does somethings admirably.  One of those respected features was the GPS tracking for road navigation until today.

Me: Can you tell me when my next turn is?
Joe: Yes, it appears to be behind us.
Me: Oh, it won’t tell you when to turn next you have to progress the directions a step or it won’t tell you.
Joe: So, the device marketed for it’s phenomenal usability knows how to get there, where you are, and what turns to make but tell you when to make them?
Me: Yes.  I know.  It’s a glaring except to “in Steve we trust”.

Next, I asked for Prussian Drive in Wayne, PA.  I knew about where to go and the directions were similar to what I expected except for a sudden turn followed by new-to-me roads.  Where did I wind up?  Instead of Prussian Drive in Wayne, PA we were brought to Wayne Drive in King of Prussia, PA.