Elitist Server

Me:  This server’s going absolutely bat-shit insane.
Boss:  What does that mean?
Me: I can remote desktop to it, but I can’t ping it, and another computer located physically on top of it can’t communicate with it either.
Boss: Contact the host, see what they can do.
Me: I did, they claim they’re doing nothing to it except that when I look in processes I can see the processes associated with being logged in like explorer.exe and freecell.exe listed in the Task Manager under their name but they insist no one’s logged in.  Also, a little icon in the corner of the screen keeps telling me a network cable is unplugged and, whenever it is, I have an Internet connection and, whenever it’s not, I don’t.
Boss: I have an idea.  You’re from the future, just a few minutes or maybe an hour and you’ve come back to warn us that something disastrous is about to happen.  But the trip through time has damaged your memory and you can’t remember what you need to avert.
Me: So what should I do?
Boss:  Go out to lunch.  There’s no way of knowing when the real Terry will return and your meeting may cause the end of the universe.
Me: Good thinking.

That, sir, is how one applies Ockham’s Razor.