Custom Ice Trays

There are an unusual number of silicone experts at my workplace so I asked one of them if my dream of using silicone ice trays to produce brownie-fists was reasonable.  Turns out the answer is a qualified “yes”.

Coworker: Silicone is silicone.  If it’s a true silicone ice cube tray it’ll take several hundred degrees C without a problem.
Me: What do you mean “true silicone”?
Coworker: Well, some just use a silicone backbone, so they’d have a low melting point.
Me: I think I’ve dealt with that before.
Coworker:  What are you trying to do?
Me: Trying to create a silicone tray to make single server brownies.
Coworker: We could make our own.  I asked Dow for some sample silicone and they sent me 70 kilos that’s body-safe.  We’d just need a sample shape.

I’ve been avoiding learning our CAD design, rapid prototyping and thermal simulation software.  I think I now have a reason to.