Cancelling Vonage

2010 has seen the death of the Robinson home phone line.  Calling to cancel involved some amazingly helpful prompts:

  • After wading through five minutes of menus and requests I got “tired of waiting?  Call back later!” genius
  • “It looks like you want to cancel your service.  Are you sure you don’t want to switch to *more expensive plan*

The service person was fine albeit a bit mousy and I felt a spot bad during my this exchange:
Her: Sir, what’s your account number.
Me: The same as I mentioned when I initially called and it was requested by the automated voice prompts.
Her: *after a few seconds of silence* which was?
Me: It should be there, I can wait while you retrieve it.  The voice prompts even verified that it was accurate.
Her: I’ll need it again for security purposes.
Me: Hm… In that it was already provided, I suppose you need to protect against highwaymen that waylay innocent Vonage customers after they enter their account number but before they indicate the purpose of the call with the intent of blackmailing them for their number back.  Good, it’s *number*.

As sometimes happens, my exchange triggered a feedback request via email to complete a webform.  The questions were a bit more leading then I’m used to and was waiting for:

What are your thoughts on Vonage?
-Great company
-Greatest company