Milagro Español

My failures with Spanish are well documented.  Today I had a spectacular burst of competence and was able to convey an idea clearly:

Me: Señor, hay un problema.
¿Qué es?
Creo que hay un problema con el orinal.
Housekeeping: Hm…
¿Puede ser más específico?
Sí, hay agua en el suelo. Creo que el drenaje se rompió.

Translated into English:
Me: There is a problem.
Housekeeping: What is it?
Me: I believe there’s  a problem with the urinal.
Housekeeping: Can you be more specific?
Me: Yes, there’s water on the floor.  I think the drain’s broke.

Order food? Nope.  Describe my vacation? Nope.  Talk about pop culture? Nope. Describe  in what matter a toilet fixture is broken?  Hell yes.