Plagiarism Makes Work

Putting together the paper Bucktail is the most annoying single OA task I do during the year.  I receive insufficient content and have to start fabricating expanding on other people’s work and checking factual accuracy out the wazoo.  We blow hundreds of dollars in postage, paper, and printing and I have only so many pieces of useless Scout/OA trivia in me to align spaces.  My most recent problem was that I had to kill a page on the back of a form.  I won’t put useful content there so, in a bolt of inspiration, I went through old Bucktails and found a word find from yesteryear.  Everything was fine except that the name of the then lodge adviser was a target.  Luckily, the current lodge adviser’s name has the same number of letters so I just swapped the two… until I realized that some of the crossing words may break, so I had to solve the word search to check.  I hope we never issue a lodge history cryptogram.