Re-Kanceling the Klondike

I visited Tyler today to do my pre-Klondike walkthrough.  Only one of the parking lots was and the Webelos area was replaced with a glacier.  The killer was probably the snow trail depth which varied from 18″ to well over 36″.  I would have taken a picture of me disappearing into a drift due to a mis-step but it was… cold.  So, here’s a placeholder:

February 12, 2010-12-Tylerinsnow

After talking with the park supervisor we decided that holding the event would be impractical and unsafe so I made two stitched together panos.  The first is the cornfield at the top of the Nature Trail:

February 12, 2010-34-Tylerinsnow The second is taken from the main bridge.  I recommend you blow it up as much as your computer can manage.  I think it came out well and should have a copy of it all my wall at work on Tuesday.

February 12, 2010-2-Tylerinsnowpano I performed no white-balance adjust which may make it appear bluer than some people like.