Five Hours of Prophunt

Prophunt is a variant of Team Fortress 2 whereby one is disguised as an object in the map and the opposing team has to find the hiding players in a certain period of time.   I find the game mod fun, partly because of the sex ratio.  I’d wager that the average TF2 game has a male/female ratio of 50:1 where Prophunt tends to run about 10:1.   Today there was a ratio of about 5:1 which breaks the absolute sausagefest that defines most games.  The changes in the gestalt of a server with more than 4 ovaries present is fascinating as the normal spate of sexist jokes becomes terribly awkward and is bracketed with futile attempts to separate the joke from their sentiment.  Their presence also changes the normal calculus of server appropriateness.  I had the following exchange over admin chat:

Other player: Hey, she just said faggot.  Is that ok?
Me: Why would that be ok?
Other player: She’s a girl.  So… I wasn’t sure.
Me: Why would the usage of the term faggot suddenly be ok because she’s a girl?
Other player:  You know…. they’re different.

One of us is woefully undereducated on the difference between men and women.  I hope it’s him.