A Klondike Delivered

First: A pretty and oversaturated view south of the bridge at Tyler State Park

February 20, 2010-2-KlondikePanos

I think chromatic aberration is nicely magnified by Lightroom’s vibrancy function.

The Boy Scout event had nine sleds with 49 Scouts using 15 stations.  The two most innovative were Ravine Crossing and Hatchet Throwing.

Ravine Crossing involved Scouts moving their sled across a fake gully using ropes and such but the station operator was not impressed.  “The name of the station is Ravine Crossing.  There will be a ravine, and kids will cross it.”  I laughed but later saw the swath of destruction he had wrought.

February 20, 2010-151-KlondikeDerby

The actual event is at least 100 feet from the actual trail and more than one tree was… adjusted.

The sled race was simply spectacular.  Normally, the winning team lifts their sled and simply guns the entire course which is a soccer field.  10 inches of wet snow with the adhesive power of gorilla glue turned the course into a forced march through quicksand.  Instead of celebrating after victory the winning team literally collapsed and made snow people-grabbing-their-calves-gripping-the-Charlie-Horse.

February 20, 2010-250-KlondikeDerby

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