Toilet Triumph

While our tenants are theoretically renters we’ve very much taken a “you break it you bought it” attitude to home repairs.  One accidentally flushed a toilet bowl freshener which stopped up the toilet in ways that polyurethane foam couldn’t.  He attacked it for several hours with a combination of a plunger, a toilet snake, a trash bag, and a beer can (?) and I thought he was victorious.  Based on much loud cursing, a little sobbing, and a sticky note that said “DO NOT USE” affixed to the toilet I guess he wasn’t.

A day later, inspiration apparently struck as I was sitting at my computer and heard him yell “aha!” at 2 AM.  There was a flurry of activity that ended with what sounded like a shower and him returning to bed.  His triumph was confirmed by a new stick it note: “USE!!!”  The previous note had been moved to a roll of paper towels that were… browned.