Max Meets the Roomba

Long ago, someone suggested to me that nature would one day rise up and crush man.  He wasn’t talking about this in the sense that we’d be undone by our own destruction of the environmental balance but in a literal sense that apes, dogs, and groundhogs would begin attacking people.   Quaint but unlikely and I propose the simple counter than I’ve never met an animal that could suffer a vacuum cleaner for more than 10 seconds.  I purchased a Roomba as the second robot of my birthday and training max to endure the Roomba without much barking has been, tough.   These were my steps:

  1. See if Max would associate his love of freshly vacuumed surfaces (no success)
  2. Place treats on the Roomba while off  (success!)
  3. Place treats on the Roomba while it was beeping (success!)
  4. Place treats on the Roomba while it was doing lines back and forth controlled by a remote (success!)
  5. Place treats on the Roomba while it was running normally (barking like we were in the end times)

If I had to guess, I think Max finds the turn mechanism of the Roomba menacing or maybe he thinks the Roomba is having a seizure when it wails into the same section of the wall over and over.  Either way, if there is an animal uprising, I’m confident the pseudorandomly directed casters of the blue gremlin will save me.