To Do List Growth Rate

My last day is April 1st and my boss has been accumulating tasks I need to do before departing and I probably have six weeks of stuff to do in my remaining four.  This has led to me being barred from doing other tasks for other people who’ve realized I’m leaving which causes them to issue me further to do list items leading to a To Do list arms race.  Today, two engineers were fighting over what I needed to do next:

Engineer 1: He’s the only one who knows this method and I need this data in two weeks.
Engineer 2: He’s the only one who knows this method that I’ll need three weeks from now.
Engineer 1: So my stuff’s more important.
Engineer 2: No, because he can just do yours later, I need him to train someone while my technician has time.
Me: I have an idea.  How about you just allow me to have over time?
Engineer 1: He doesn’t come out of my budget, sure.
Engineer 2: He doesn’t come out of my budget either, knock yourself out.
Me: Problem solved!
*After two engineers leave*
Boss: Please record how much time you spend on each of their two projects so I can take your overtime out of their budgets.

Problem solving through fiscal obfuscation.