New Camera Limitations

The 5D Mark II has some wonderful features or at least I assume so as I have no idea how to use them.   I excreted a sizable chunk of masonry on finding that most of my lenses didn’t work.  What was  I left with?  My 70-200mm zoom lens.   I went to the troop 5 banquet which as it entered its four hour I dubbed the Scoutathalon and babied my photogun until the Eagle Scout ceremony began.  When the lights dimmed and the event started everyone started taking pictures.  On camera phones, with point and shoots, by running down the aisle to get adequate zoom.  The camera+lens I had probably weighed more than every other device in the room and the shutter noise crowded out the artificial din of mock-shutters.  Heads turned, conversations stopped.  I won.

There was a problem though, getting shots of anything within 10 feet of me.  After the main event someone requested I take pictures of the recipients and I kept running to a problem as people would walk between myself at the kids because I had to be 30 feet away from them.  I lost.