When Not Attending Means Attending

The Pinewood Derby is this Sunday and a leader contacted me about changing his participation line-up:

Him: I have two kids dropping, is that a problem?
Me: Nope, we’ll just change the pairings.
Him:  Ok, can I pick up their car, patch, and certificate on Sunday then?
Me: Sure, except the certificate.
Him: Why not the certificate?
Me: It’s for participating in the Pinewood Derby.
Him: So?  They won at the pack level.
Me: Yes, but they never participated in the actual district race, so they shouldn’t get a certificate for something they didn’t do.
Him: But they deserve a certificate.
Me: *realizing that logic is of no use* How about this, if they show up to race, I’ll give them a certificate ?
Him: Sounds goods.