Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby is a blessedly straight forward event.  This year, registration was done almost entirely online which was going to reduce the number of certificates I’d have to print on-site.

Corrections Required in 2009 When We Had to Read Handwritten Submissions: 12
Corrections Required in 2010 When Leaders Input the Names Directly: 16

I bring my printer with me so I can print new certificates there, but was stopped when I found out that Office 2010 Business edition doesn’t include MS Publisher, so I used the Mall Wifi to try to download the 600 meg install.  I started the download at about 9 AM; when we left at 7:00 PM the download bar was at 39%.  I also found out that when I switch my printer from network to USB I have to install a new set of drivers.  Seeing the awesome speed that I received getting Publisher, I remoted into my home router, wake-on-LAN’d my main computer, moved the drivers to my home server, and downloaded them to on-site laptop via FTP.  Easy as pie.

There was one venue issue: we weren’t allowed to hang the American flag from the second floor railings despite having done so for a decade.  This completely disoriented the children.  There are awesome pictures of kids saying the pledge looking in four directions despite the flag clearly being in view.