My 15 Keyboard oes

This will be my last post using my 15 keyboard.  Once I was unemployed, I started to clean the unk out of random thins in my office and finally took a critical eye to my keyboard.  I’ve popped the keys off before and cleaned the interstitial areas and ave the keys a ood cleaning in the dishwasher in a mesh ba but that wasn’t enouh to unseat five years of accumulated flotsam.  After unscrewin the back, I ot the keypad separated and removed the rayscale LCD screen.  All three went into the dishwasher on entle and came out quite clean an hour later.  After re-assembly I was saddened to find that the  key did not work.  I tried to work around this and see if it was just residual water but oolin thins or oing to oole’s mail and even izmodo was too touh.  The 15 served valiantly, I wish it well in the keyboard afterlife.