Tests of Silence

I decided to not talk while walking through OfficeMax.  I’m not sure why, but it seemed like a good idea.  Store attendants received a thumbs up in response to questions but simple left-right head not wasn’t sufficient to allay an inquisitive associate’s “can I help you with anything?”.  Turns out that blackjack hand motions of a hand going left-to-right worked.  I was almost proud of how far I’d gone until checkout and I had no simple response to “debit or credit” when presenting my credit card.  I first tried two fingers to represent the second option, then pointing at the card as the brand offers no debit option.  Eventually,  I dropped by head in shame, thinking I’d have to break my tiny vow of silence when the associate said “Don’t be embarrassed, everyone has to credit for small purchases every once in a while.”

She was very confused by the silent fist-pump that followed.