InterroLoop: Day 26 – Portland

Chef had no problem with sleeping in so our day started at around the crack of 10.  Our meeting point with Thomas was Voodoo Donut, an independent donutteer in Portland, a place notable for their innovations in donut-making such as the cock and balls.


Someone didn't like the blockade...

Another standard that Chef recommended was the maple bacon bar, which is pretty much what its name entails.


I hope the bacon wasn't out for too long.

Chef was pleased.


Chef pleased.

Thomas chose to rock some concoction that seemed like a standard donut dipped in various breakfast cereals.


Thomas, soon to be donut consumer.

The next stop was a visit to the core sample taken near the Washington Park Tunnel.  Along the perimeter of the sample is a timeline of humanity’s achievements with associated graphics, one of these is a square grid listing the first 40 or so digits of pi.  I saw the list and started reciting the first 30 digits or so:

Chef: You’re wrong.
Me: How?  I know the first 32 digits cold.
Chef: Looks like only the first 10 or so are right.  Maybe you’re not remembering correctly.

I thought I was going crazy but was delighted to find out that the inscription was incorrect as the person making the inscription read the digit table incorrectly.

Later that day, Chef and his father took me to Powell’s Used Book store, which is claimed to be the largest independent book store in the world.  I was disappointed to find their used books were only about 20% off and in almost every case beaten on price by Amazon.  Oh well.

Chef and I retired home to play, of all things, Team Fortress 2.  Chef usually has wonderful sound and I found out that he uses a $10 desktop USB boom mic that he holds in place with a duct tape sling that rests nicely on his chest.  I was impressed.


Microphone: Activated