First Day at Camp

Volunteering at a well-staffed facility is simply splendid.  At any point, and nearly for any reason, I can reasonably stand out say “I’m leaving” flip someone off (if I have no plans to return) and then drive home to sort Magic cards and drink a diet coke.  Today, for my first formal day of volunteerdom I thought I was going to help fill out buddy tags at a medical recheck site and maybe answer a paperwork question or two.  Instead my assignment was to run a med recheck site.  This is a bit more than I expected but I take it as a mark of confidence.

Setup was prompt and kids started streaming in with their medicals.  My highlights:

Me: We can’t give you a swim tag because you don’t list a date for your physical.  Do you know when you say your doctor?
Kid 1: Yes, it was either September 20th or May 17th.
Me: Ok, do you have a parent in camp?
Kid 1: Maybe, I hope not.

Me:  I can’t give your son his buddy tags without seeing the 2nd page of his medical.
Parent: What’s on it?
Me: The OK from a doctor that your son is healthy enough to be at camp.
Parent: What do you need that for?

Kid 2: Should I take my buddy tags?
Me: Yep, your form’s fine.
Kid 2: Damn.