Things I Don’t Miss from Being an Admin

When I was a camp administrator, my most hated experiences all revolved around weather.  I could predict when I’d inspire the ire of coworkers, anticipate that I’d piss off two people a week, and make a cock-up in the Summer Times once every two weeks (Hosemanship Merit Badge) but weather, that bitch, or the threat of severe weather could bring program to screaming halt.  In the worst cases, a severe storm would get near camp on a night with a lot of program forcing us to evacuate people, hold them in large hot buildings for an hour or more, and then dismiss them after nothing happens while trying to reschedule program.  Leaders are indignant that we held them despite nothing having happened regardless of the fact that had the storm gone a slightly different route the camp would have taken it up the pooper in terms of damaged trees, downed power lines, and strong wind-driven rain; such is the nature of weather risk.

Today, the camp anticipated some severe weather and called the staff to the parade field to divvy up who would go where, warn units, and entertain the kids.  I instinctively got in line to get an assignment but then stepped back after reminding myself I was a volunteer.  Staff members were being sent to one of two builds and after the staff was dismissed I told the assigner “I’m going to make sure that the [now empty] leader lounge is safe.”  He replied with a knowing grin.  Joe Naylor was also volunteering that night so I even had help.  Joe and I very successfully protected the camp’s DVD collection from harm caused by the storm by sitting in a nicely cooled nearly empty building while bullshitting and eating potato chips.