Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought We Had a Deal

Watching the staff play the champions of the camp volleyball tournament is my reward to myself for volunteering.  I get to make color commentary against people who are vastly better at the game than I am and get to practice the pre-requisites of Snarkyjerkmanship merit badge.  Normally there is a good clutch of people to bask in the glory of my commentary but the crowd of spectators dispersed quickly and I was one of only three spectators.  The music normally piped over the loudspeakers provided by a YouTube queue had ended and someone said “play some jams”.  I took the mantle of DJ and found a channel I like that does rather good Bach fugues.  This  was booed even though I consider a good horn fugue to be good pick me up so I put together a Glenn Miller list (everyone loves 6-5000) but that was booed too.  I consigned myself that anyone who shouts down “In The Mood” has no taste and put on Alanis Morrisette’s cover of “My Humps” before walking away.