Changing Check-Ins

Camp changed its check-in method from previous years where incoming campers were directed to two processing sites to one where processing was done within the site.  By and large, the method worked with the caveat that the first week had lower than normal attendance with an unusually high number of troops that had been at camp before.  Most people finished earlier than with the previous process but, as with all changes, there will still complaints:

  • The changed method didn’t require two people to “get a good look at everyone into the camp” (whatever that means)
  • The changed method reduced the chance for spontaneous song as large groups of people were no longer waiting in the sun
  • The changed method increased radio chatter and some people preferred “quiet Sundays”
  • The changed method vastly increased a staff member’s average distance between themselves and their refrigerated Diet Mountain Dew

The last one was my complaint.