Receiving the Kindle – First Impressions

After instructing my morning sessions I gunned home, for today was Kindle Day, and come hell or high water I would be there to receive my e-reader.  Around 3 PM I really had to use the bathroom but I was not going to waste this opportunity to break in my Kindle and patiently waited until the device was delivered at 4:30 PM before darting to the can after activating it.

The device is amazingly readable and there’s a magic to watching the words drip away to be replaced with another set on something that looks so much like paper with a reflectivity between a glossy magazine and standard library print.  The search function and dictionary functions work very well and allowed for meta moments where I used the automatic dictionary within the American Heritage Dictionary to define ‘potentate’ within ‘plenipotentiary’.  The browser functionality is almost comical in how it renders color-rich pages in gray scale and completely lacks javascript support knocking out 60% of web functionality.  The upside is that the browser requires only a trickle of bandwidth as anything that would consume bits is largely stripped out and is free.  With a little planning, I think this is a feature that could be well used.

The first book I read was Rework which was mediocre.  I’ll need something to wash its taste out of my mouth.