Driving to Columbus

The current judge shirts aren’t available in my size and when I asked why the response was “they were made in Europe”.  So, on the way to Columbus I stopped by my mother’s house who’d volunteered to sew the appropriate patches in place.  I received my patched shirt and drove to Delaware to pick up my co-pilot.  The ride started out dull enough until we got to Lancaster whereby the driving became “old timey” and we were passed by horse-drawn wagons.  I’m still not sure why, but there was a section where everyone seemed to be driving on the shoulder with the center two lanes being entirely clear of traffic.  We again hit traffic in New Stanton and made it to Columbus two hours after my target time.

I went to the event venue to meet my room mate, gave him a key, and went to bed happy in the fact that my last-minute arrangement would cut the price of my stay in half.  These feeling ended when I discovered my room mate snored liked a buzz saw.  Normally this is just hyperbole but I’ve never encountered someone who was able to have a single snore extend for such time.  As an experiment, I synced my breathing with my room mate and his snore nearly outdid my breath.  The sound had that timbre that pops up when something is slowed down; maybe this was the snoring equivalent of whalesong.  I only got about 4 hours of sleep but added a new To Do item: get earplugs.