Godot’s Lobby

The GP was over on the way back to my room I ran into someone in the lobby I’d known for the long-long-ago.  I pulled up a chair to talk and we started talking with the people waiting for elevators and picked up a few stories:

  1. The guy who got 2nd at the 300+ person PTQ had gotten second at a PTQ less than a week ago.
  2. A fellow got DQed from the GP after making a poor comment.  He was a prolific better willing to throw 10 bucks on about anything (he put 10 dollars on Obama being gay and another 10 on man getting to Mars by 2015).  In this case he bet 10 bucks he’d make it to the top 8 and after getting into the quarter finals a friend said “I guess you won the bet”, his opponent reported this as wagering and the player was DQed.
  3. Someone came by saying that his friend’s car tires were slashed after his friend got someone DQed from the GP.
  4. A judge who was stone-faced about something he’d said that prevented him from getting L2.
  5. Someone was drunk and trying to push the elevator button.  He missed a few times and yelled “judge!”, I replied and he said “YOU PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE”.