The Last Camp Magic Tournament

My pricings at the Ockanickon Magic Tournament is highly correlated with how much stuff I still have.  Normally, I sell grab bags for $5.00 but having many left I dropped the price to $3.00 or 4 for $10.  A staff member was very happy to have sold 4 at once for the first time this season, he chalked it up to ability, I chalked it up to a 40% discount.

There were a surprising number of participants considering that Week 8 was our lightest and I was very excited when Joe kept showing me cards and asking me “did I want them?” to which I always said “yes”.  The problem is that my buy decisions are normally informed by who I think will take the card and I failed to consider that my next sales opportunity was not 7 days away but 309 days away as part of the 2011 camp season (I’d lose my shirt on dealer prices and FNM folk rarely buy cards).  Should anyone at that time wish to walk down memory lane and build a standard deck from a format that’s no longer current I will be ready.

Edit: I’ve come to learn I may have lost a Foil Jace, the Mind Sculptor that night.  Damn.