Trinity of Hate Completed

For the longest time there was a list of three things that’d automatically make me hate you.  The first two were laughing at your own jokes, and promoting your own sexual prowess and for going on three years now I’ve not remembered the third.  My recent contenders are assuming an expert knows less than a non-expert, using unsound rhetoric, or improperly using the word “momentarily” which meet the criterion of possibly popping up at a dinner party and being something that could pop up topically but I just can’t remember.

This evening I had a discussion with someone about the incompatibility of the properties of God (shameless crosspost) and they used the three theodicies (answers to the problem of evil) that I can’t stand:

1) “The Lord works in mysterious ways” – great, at least follow it through to a full negative faith.
2) “Remember the parable of…” – non-sequitor at best.
3) And a new one:  “You’ll understand when you’re a parent”.  Really?

I think the new contestant for my open slot is “you’ll understand when you do (insert life event)”.