I Hate Crusts

Strawberries were on sale, and I’m a sucker for trying to use seasonal fruit, but strawberry usually means pie not cake, which, by extension requires crust.  I suck at crusts, every attempt I’ve made to fabricate one from close to scratch has exploded or turned into some terrible dessert matzo and today was no exception.  Starting with a biscuit-style crust recipe I mixed and pushed and pulled and did so apparently to sufficient excess that I created a giant… biscuit.  I split that with my house mate.  My next attempt was to use a doughier option but failed to properly dock the crust and got a biscuit pita.  This I split with my dad.  My final attempt involved using the Safeway Brand roll-out pie crusts.  I rolled, I docked, I curled, I crimped, I took a call and I burned it.  This I gave to Max.  Nabisco 4 – Terry 0.