Pink Shoes

Someone had the idea of getting some people together to try to record the early history of my TF2 team and record our first impressions of some things and I had a wonderful exchange.

Other Dude: So what was it like meeting FlameDemon?
Me: He was… gayer than I thought he’d be.
Other Dude: What’s that mean?
Me: I’d seen his facebook field and he seemed generic, but in person he had cultural calling cards like pink shoes, except in this case is was a faux hawk, capri pants and an Armani Exchange shirt.

I expressed my sentiment poorly and this got back to me quickly but through a bit of a filter.

Flamed: I know you were using it as a fake example, but I do have pink shoes.
Person 2: Flamed is mad you talked bad about his pink shoes.
Person 3: Why are you picking on men with pink shoes?