Mechanic’s Sixth Sense

My car needed to be inspected for September but due to travel and computer issues only today did I get around to bringing it in for service.  The shop I used is our standard backup for when my family needs something done quickly and cheaply but without total confidence in the quality of the work.  The shop owner worked a lot with my brother but had poor vision so we had a bit of an exchange when I arrived.

Him: *stares at me*
Me: Hello?
Him: Hm.. You must be Terry.
Me: How did you know.
Him: Your father said you or Ryan would be over with a car but I knew it wasn’t him.
Me: Why is that?
Him: Well, you dress differently, wear sunglasses, sound different, drive a Matrix, walk differently, and have a different haircut.  But in general, I just got a feeling it wasn’t him.
Me: *jokingly* That’s it?
Him: Mostly it was just a feeling.  I get those sometimes and I’ve learned to listen to them.

I wonder what intuitive discoveries brought by his array of diagnostic tools will come to him during my inspection.