Planning for the Webelos Weekend

An assumption I make is that repetition will bring simplicity to doing Scout events.  It used to take me five hours to make two cheese cakes and it now runs me about 3.5 or so.  I used to take a day to set up a new computer but I can now do it in an afternoon.  Planning a Scout event used to take me about two weeks of evenings and four days but now I can do one in two weeks of evenings and four days.

I don’t feel like there’s any sort of feature creep in that I’m adding program to fill the available time and I should have theoretical time savings from already having most of the documents I need.  The weeks leading up to an event cause a well-documented cycle of anxiety where I feel bad for not doing anything which destroys my inertia to do anything.  This could sound like a bad thing but my inner humunculus enjoys watching what I’ll do to avoid making progress on my intended event.  I’ve replaced my bed, planned out 10 months of Roundtable meetings, updated every part of the district web page I could get my hands on and made my first to dip back into the world of selling on eBay.

I think at some basal level there’s such thing as ‘conservation of anxiety’ which is both terrifying… and probably bull crap.  I guess the give away will be if I start painting Gundam figurines this time next year or some other time sink.