Dropper Battle

I needed around 150 eye droppers to make Cartesian divers for my Webelos weekend.  I checked with a scientific supply house to see if they had any.  They were out of 144 packs but still had 12 packs of which I was able to purchase 12.  I wanted to see if I could get the 144 price which was 20% less so I called:

Me:  I see you’re out of 144 packs of medical droppers.  Can I just get 12 12 packs and have it rung up as a 144 pack?
Service Person: No, we’re out of stock of 144 packs and combining 12 12 packs would not be the same as there’s more packaging involved.
Me: But it’s the same number of medical droppers.  Do you have a bulk discount program?
Service Person: Yes, special orders placed with a quantity greater than 11 receive a discount.
Me: How much is that discount?
Service Person: 20%
Me: So I can’t get it listed as a 144 pack but I can buy 12 packs in the same quantity and get 20% off bringing it to the exact same price?
Service Person: Yes, I’m sorry that’s the best I can do.
Me: …. I’ll live.