For the last three years, my black toner cartridge has given out on the first weekend in October as the Webelos Weekend has me go through several reams of paper.  This year, I decided to head it off and purchase a black cartridge in anticipation.   I began printing furiously at 11:00 PM and 30 minutes later the toner cartridge died.  I pumped my fist in triumph, replaced the cartridge, hit the RESUME button and 30 copies later the cyan cartridge died.  As with all modern printers, lacking cyan crippled the entire device despite only printing black and white and the standard tricks of resetting the count gear, obscuring the measuring light, and shaking the cartridge did nothing.

I resigned myself to not having a printer for the evening before a big event and made up a queue of documents that I’d need to produce the next day but forgot something: I couldn’t print it.