Bathroom Brake

The dawn came early as I saw a battalion of cross-legged people move about the event field trying to find out why the bathroom door was locked.  The lush that gave me the the storage key hadn’t disabled the timer so no one could pee until 8 AM.  A mother told me that this wasn’t a problem and went on to talk about her outdoor bathroom practices using the phrase “pop a squat” at least five times and this was more my punishment for not thoroughly reviewing my needs with the park before hand so much as the crush of people searching for a place for their son to tinkle in a park with over 400 wooded acres.  The local Hess station probably saw a lot of visitors.

The closing ceremony was at 8:00 AM and at 7:40 a man approached:

Him: Can I have the completion certificates for my unit?
Me: I’m giving them out at the closing ceremony in 20 minutes after the Scouts’ Own Service.
Him: Oh, we’re not staying for that.
Me: I guess you’re not going to complete the weekend then.

He frowned and hurried his kids to his car.  I think he was the same adult that thought I was paid.

I brought everything home and here were my spoils:

  • 15 lbs of penne pasta
  • A box of Frosted Flakes
  • 120 eye droppers
  • 3 gallons of open fruit juice
  • A pair of prescription sunglasses, a pair of prescription non-sunglasses, a albuterol nebulizer, and a webelos neckerchief slide

I like the last the most, as my lost and found for the weekend contained five entries of “Webelos Neckerchief Slide” along with “shirt” (no additional detail given).